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P5, P6 , P10 ? what does it mean


You’ll often hear digital signs referred to by their pixel pitch (e.g. P5 mm, P6 mm, P10 mm). The pixel pitch is effectively the resolution of the sign. The resolution of a sign is dependent upon the distance between each pixel, which is typically comprised of a cluster of three LEDs – one red, one green and one blue or just one refer as SMD . The distance is measured in millimeters and the smaller the pitch, the closer together the LEDs are placed, giving you a tighter resolution with crisper and more life-like images.



LED signs are often talked about in terms of sign “resolution”. This is simply the number of pixels high by the number of pixels wide your sign will be. Two signs that have the same outside dimensions but are not the same pitch will each have a different resolution. For instance, a P10mm sign that is 37” x  13"” has a resolution of 96 x 32 while a P5mm of the same size has a resolution of 192 x 64. the high the resolution the better the picture , but since it has the double of LED'S the is more expensive


Viewing distance

Optimal viewing distance is the point at which the individual pixels begin to blend together to form a smooth, consistent image. Generally speaking, signs with a short distance between each pixel, such as our P5 mm or P6 mm models, are best for close viewing distances. Wider pixel spacing, found on our P10 mm models, are better for locations where the sign will be installed at a great height or are farther away from traffic.



Usateck models offer full motion video (up to 30 frames per second) and whole-sign color calibration for the truest, most lifelike images. If you will use your sign to display video content, you’ll want to be sure to select a sign with a width-to-height, or “aspect ratio”, that is closely matches the format of the video content. Take some time to think about how you will use your sign, because sign size and resolution can impact the type of message content you’ll be able to display. Smaller signs are best suited for text and simple logos, while larger sign sizes have more flexibility displaying a variety of layouts like logos, text and product images. Detailed product images will be best represented on a high resolution sign.

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